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There’s a lot of discussion and debate in the world of pizza – what is and isn’t pizza, what’s the best stylewho invented pizza, who makes the best pizza… it goes on and on. One of the most common questions is, what makes a pizza a pizza?

There is one indisputable fact about pizza – you can’t make pizza without an oven!* At this point someone asks, what makes a pizza oven a pizza oven?

The simple answer is – an oven out of which comes a pizza.
fireplace type pizza oven

Okay, maybe that’s a little too simple.  An oven which is manufactured for making pizza, or is used primarily for the making of pizza.

Whew, that’s better.
commercial pizza oven
Commercial New York Pizza Oven

tabletop pizza oven
Countertop electric pizza oven from Italy

This section of passion-4-pizza.com is all about pizza ovens – outdoor  ovens, ovens for sale, commercial ovens, wood-fired, coal-fired, gas-fired, and electric, backyard ovens and the one in the local pizzeria – even those strange conveyor pizza ovens!

We’ll introduce you to people who make them, sell them, build them in their backyards.  We’ll guide you to where you can find the plans to build your own, or show you where you can buy one!

First, we direct you to our post regarding an oven we recently learned about, the Uuni 3 Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven, up to temp in ten minutes? Want!

Next up is The Fire Within, a company in Boulder, Colorado where New York-bred Joseph Pergolizzi and his team construct portable wood-fired brick ovens, and teach customers how to build their own successful pizza businesses!

two pizza ovens from The Fire Within
Two custom-built portable pizza ovens from The Fire Within

Visit Joseph Pergolizzi and The Fire Within on our Portable Pizza Ovens page

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*yes, we know about grilled pizza, in which you use your backyard grill as an oven…