We’ve always searched for great pizza.  And whenever we find something really superb, someone comes along and asks, “…but have you tried…” and names some pizzeria we haven’t been to (and in many cases, never heard of) and we’re off on more pizza adventures!

The hunt is neverending and glorious.  Well, not always glorious, but often rewarding.  And, as it’s been said, the hunt is frequently more important than the pizza.  We’ve met some fascinating people on this journey, been to some interesting places, and there’ll be more and more as time goes by.

This section of the site is all about the journey – the places we go and people we meet in our pizza quest.  It’s a work in progress, and if you’ve got a pizza adventure story, feel free to contact us and share!

Jalandhar Tandoori Pizza
We spent a month in India, a country not known for great pizza. Of course, we had to try some (who goes anywhere for a month without pizza?)

What did we try, where did we try it, and how did we like it? Here’s our Pizza In India story.

Scott Wiener
Scott Wiener has turned his passion for pizza into Scott’s Pizza Tours, guiding pizza lovers on pizza adventures throughout New York City!

We got on the bus with Scott, and you can read about it here!

Paul Giannone has gone from pizza aficionado to owner/pieman of Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (and five other locations around the U.S.!). One  evening, he was good enough to allow Cary to come in and work behind the counter, stretching dough and getting flour on his shoes, studying with Paulie and his son, Derek Gee.

Here’s the story of Cary’s Night At Paulie Gee’s…

pizza bloggers at Nomad
Photo by Phillip Given

We knew when we began passion-4-pizza.com that people loved pizza.

We had no idea we’d be joining a community, even a subculture, of pizza-bloggers, writers, photographers and all-around foodies!

We had dinner (pizza, of course) with a bunch of them at Nomad Pizza Co. in Hopewell, NJ.  Quite an event – a gathering of the pizzerati! Read about it here…

You may have read about our journey to Charlotte to take a pizza class with Peter Reinhart…

Peter Reinhart at Umberto's

Well, when Chef Reinhart came to NYC to teach a breadmaking class, we were able to whisk him off to Umberto’s for his first Grandma pizza!  We also got to share Umberto’s version of the Margherita pizza, which none of us had tried before.  The whole story is here…

Pizzeria Bianco

We drove our motorhome cross-country, and of course we had to stop in Phoenix to visit Pizzeria Bianco!  Not only did we have phenomenally great pizza, but Chris Bianco gave us an interview that blew us away! Share our  Twenty Minutes with Chris Bianco

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