You probably already know this, but we love to eat pizza. We also love to talk about pizza. I (Cary) even enjoy listening to people who know about it talk about pizza. If I were doing a pizza podcast, there’s a list of people I’d want to hear talk about my favorite food. Probably at the top of my list would be Ed Levine, Adam Kuban, Scott Wiener, Paulie Gee and Chris Bianco. You know how lucky I am? I’ve already met everyone on that list except Ed!

Special Sauce and Ed Levine

So I don’t have to do that pizza podcast, because there’s a podcast on Serious called Special Sauce, where food writer Ed Levine talks to creative people, about food and other stuff. Most, if not all, of his guests are food people – in any event, I’m pretty sure they all eat food. The show has already featured Paulie Gee (I haven’t listened to that episode yet). Ed Levine, for those who don’t know, is the author of one of the great guides for pizza aficionados, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven.  Many of us who write about pizza started out reading that book.

ed levine, host of pizza podcast
Ed Levine

I was so excited to find that Ed recorded three episodes of Special Sauce, talking to two guys who are not only knowledgeable and entertaining, but whom we count as pizza buddies: Adam Kuban and Scott Wiener.

Adam Kuban

Adam Kuban is the founder of Slice, which was the “pizza blog of record” in the 2000’s (and is still archived at Serious Eats). These days, Adam is making bar pies at the wildly successful popup Margot’s Pizza that appears monthly in Brooklyn (someday, Adam, we’ll be back East…).


Scott Wiener

Scott Wiener is the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours, the premier pizza tour in NYC. If you go to New York (or you live there), you must go on this tour. Scott knows more about pizza and pizza history than anyone I have ever met, and he knows where to go for it. You can read about our day on the Scott’s Pizza Tour bus here.

Listening to the first episode of this three-part pizza podcast,  I found myself wanting to be at that table with these guys, talking about dough, cheese, sauce, and all that goes with it. Hearing them admit that they wanted to “make a living eating pizza” brought me home for awhile.

Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

Although it did leave me hungry.