Of all the pizza in the world, we love New York pizza. And one of the pizzerias we miss since moving to Los Angeles is Patsy’s on First Avenue and 118th Street. It’s not only one of our favorites: Frank Sinatra loved it too.

From May 9th to May 11th, Angelenos (like us) can get a little taste of the coal-fired delight that is Patsy’s pizza. Jet Blue airlines, which calls itself “New York’s Hometown Airline, ” will deliver pizzas from Patsy’s of East Harlem to your door if you live in the Los Angeles area.  Be still my sauce-bleedin’ heart! Unfortunately, we’re just outside the zone 🙁

jetblue delivering new york pizza to los angeles
a pizza from Patsy’s with 1/2 extra basil

JetBlue Delivering New York Pizza? What’s The Deal?

JetBlue will deliver 350 cheese and pepperoni pizzas per day. All we have to pay for is the pie, $12 for a plain pizza and $15 for pepperoni, and .JetBlue covers the rest. All pies are first come, first served.

Pies are baked in Patsy’s coal fire oven, packed for flight, and then sent to a kitchen to prep for final delivery. If you live in L.A. and you’ve never had Patsy’s pizza, you need to do this.

You can place orders on JetBlue’s pizza website starting at 12 a.m. PDT on May 9, and closes each day when pizzas are sold out. That could be a very narrow time window. Go there earlier to check your zip code and make sure you’re in the eligible zone.


JetBlue will notify customers with updates on their pizza’s ETA.