We have heard it said that any pizza is good pizza, but we only hear this from people who don’t eat much pizza, or who live in places where great pizza is unavailable. For them (and sometimes us) there’s Costco pizza.

Lillian and I are pizza snobs. That’s hardly news to anyone who visits passion-4-pizza; we know the difference between good and bad pizza and we both love great pie of various styles. Neither of us loves to eat pizza indiscriminately.

I am, however, addicted to pizza and there are times when I’ve just gotta have a slice, my standards go to heck and I can only hope that what I’m about to slake the craving with tastes decent

That’s where Costco pizza comes in.

a slice of Costco pizza

It’s not very good pizza. The dough is spongy, the sauce is over-seasoned and there is waaaaay too much cheese (although it’s pretty good cheese). That said, it’s not really awful pizza, like Pieology or something.

Why do I single out Costco from all the other mediocre pizza I could go for? Why not, say, Little Caesars? Simple. I would have to go to (or order from) Little Caesars or Pizza Hut or any of the purveyors of mediocre pizza. The food court at Costco is part of a shopping trip. We can stop before or after journeying through the warehouse and say, ‘we’re here, we’re hungry, we might as well…”. It’s not like we’re really deliberately going to eat Costco’s pizza, but what the hell.

It has three things going for it:  it’s cheap ($1.99 for a slice, $9.99 for an 18-inch pie), it’s filling (about 700 calories of cheese and bread per slice), and it takes care of the need for pizza. It’s also the biggest slice of pizza west of Benny Tudino’s (the famous Hoboken pizzeria that sells slices the size of a human baby).

Of course I’d rather fly to New York and eat a slice at New Park or a wood-fired pizza at Paulie Gee’s, or some Grandma’s at Umberto’s. I’d rather drive to Phoenix and get in line at Pizzeria Bianco. Heck, I’d rather drive the ten miles to Pasadena. But hey, I’m at Costco anyway, you know?