According to this morning’s, the pizzeria some people call the best in America, DiFara’s has been closed temporarily by health inspectors.

difara's has been closed

If you’re not a huge pizza enthusiast or you’ve never lived in Brooklyn, you may not be aware of DiFara’s, which has been a Brooklyn institution since it was opened by Domenico DiMarco in 1964. Dom is generally thought of as ‘the last man standing’ among the great New York pizzaiolos. People travel from all over the U.S. to have pizza there, and wait on ridiculously long lines (we once waited two hours and forty-five minutes) to get a pie.

DiFara’s is not known as a shiny immaculate pizzeria, but they’ve passed their inspections time after time.

Not this time.

During its Tuesday inspection, the pizza joint on Avenue J and East 15th Street earned 46 points — 33 points higher than it scored during its last inspection in January. That’s not good.

We’re hoping the DiMarco family gets the place cleaned up and re-inspected quickly. The pizza is too good to do without!