Apologies if you’ve read about pizza in space already, but we just found it.

In December, the astronauts on the International Space Station had a pizza party. The video is a riot. Yes, they’re making it themselves. That’s why you need to have an Italian astronaut on your space station!

From the AP:

After making their own individual-size pizzas, the six astronauts tossed and twirled them like floating frisbees before heating and devouring them.  Commander Randy Bresnik called the pizzas “flying saucers of the edible kind”.

“The IPDS (Intergalactic Pizza Devouring Squad) says 12 thumbs up!” Commander Bresnik added.

NASA’s space station manager, Kirk Shireman, took pity on Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s pizza craving and, in mid-November, shipped up all the ingredients on an Orbital ATK capsule.

Mr Nespoli, in orbit since July, declared the pizza “unexpectedly delicious.”

Paulo Nespoli returned to Earth on December 14. The full article, with pictures, can be found here.


Pizza in space… the possibilities are endless…