There are states in this country that just don’t have good pizza. We’ve tried. Even by lowering our own standards, some of it just doesn’t work. Also, pizza is a very subjective thing – one man’s Pizza Hut is another man’s DiFara’s. So how can you make a list of the best pizzas in America?


However, wherever you live, you’ve gotta have pizza, and today The Daily Meal came out with their annual Best Pizza In Every State slideshow.

According to writer Dan Myers, “There’s great pizza to be found in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, and we’ve tracked down the best of the best… We start by identifying more than 800 great pizzerias from across the country, and then ask a panel of culinary authorities to weigh in and vote for their favorites. ”

We don’t know Dan’s pizza credentials, but the article lists “additional reporting by Arthur Bovino” who knows some stuff about gluten.

Before you head over to the Daily Meal, bear in mind that we are not necessarily in agreement with their choices; in fact we never say “best”, but only “favorite”. Having said that, the list does include some greats.

You can see the slideshow here.